Curry Leaves ( Kadi Patta) price soars to    RS 70 per Kg

Curry Leaves ( Kadi Patta) price soars to RS 70 per Kg

 The revitalizing molecules derived from plants anytime impart better alternatives than synthetic compounds. Hence a traditional medicinal herb curry Leaves demand is increasing not only in India but all over the world including countries like Germany & China

curry leaf scientific nameMurraya koenigii

This year the increased demand and loss of yield due to abnormal rains and leaf spot disease causing severe defoliation contributed to high price. And thus fresh curry leaf price soars to Rs. 70 a kg.

curry leaf nutrients – Curry leaf is a rich source of carbazole alkaloids which produces effective biological activities making it potent against certain pathological conditions.   

Curry leaf is a known traditionally used herb with broad spectrum therapeutic properties and therefore it is making a strong come back as a seasoning & alternate medicine.

curry leaf in hindi – Kadi Patta

The plant parts are available in multiple forms as a convenience to use in food, skincare, hair care, alternate medicine, etc.  

  •  Fresh leaf – available in the form of a bunch with fresh vegetable vendors.
  •  Dried leaf – Shade dried leaf packed in pouches/jars are available at grocery stores.
  •  Leaf & stem Ark/Water – prepared through the traditional technique of steam distillation is available at  
  • Leaf & stem Essential oil – Prepared through traditional steam distillation technique.

Here are the traditional and medicinal benefits of curry leaf for your quick reference.

curry leaf benefits

  • Seasoning the food – useful in seasoning curries & ready eat food.
  • Excellent hair tonic – to retain normal hair tone and to promote hair growth
  • Traditionally used as antidiarrheal, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, blood purifying & anti-depressant.

curry leaf health benefits

  •  Tonic to aid digestion
  • Help in reducing the body heat – reduce fever.
  • Helpful in managing leucoderma & blood disorders
  • Ease inflammation & itch- act as analgesic

Here’s how you can add nutrient rich dose of curry leaf to your daily routine for better health, healthy skin & hair.

curry leaf uses

Green Tea – You can brew fresh or dried curry leaf to prepare a cup of green tea. Consume it like any other herb green tea. Always keep in mind to source the dried curry leaf jar/pouch from an authentic just to avoid adulterated curry leaf and never use a teabag. Moreover, if you feel lazy preparing a cup of curry Leaves green tea for you – here is the way you can stick to a regular intake of curry leaf green tea in a simple, quick and convenient way.

Flavor to food – Adding the fresh or whole dried /powdered curry leaf is a traditional practice known in Indian & Sri Lankan homes.  The leaves lend a unique flavor to the food/curry often relished by the people.

Skin toner – Use the curry leaf water- ark as a skin toner to deliver the topical nutrients to the skin. Make use of the skin toner like any other toner after cleansing the face and before applying the face cream or face oil. Curry is good to use for all skin types including acne – oily skin. Always keep in mind to use a chemical & preservative free curry leaf skin toner. Our skin should be nourished with the same quality of ingredients we eat. Do not buy products meant for external use or cosmetic use only.  

Scalp Tonic –curry Leaves benefits for hair are known to everyone as it contains vital essentials for the scalp and hence has been in use for centuries to overcome hair concerns. Use curry leaf infused oil to massage the scalp, apply finely powdered curry leaf or fresh curry leaf paste on the scalp to promote air growth and control hair fall. Massaging the oil and applying the mask is an effortful and time-consuming task and therefore often takes a back seat, not practiced regularly. Here is a simple way to deliver the curry leaf revitalizing nutrients to the scalp every day conveniently without any hassle using curry leaf herb water- ark.    

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