SNAANA face cream is one of a unique kind traditional formulation containing a pure blend of cold-pressed oils, butter, and steam distilled essential oils only. The creams are made keeping in view the skin cycle and the changing needs of the skin as it ages. Therefore creams are age and skin tone oriented to work best in each age group.

There is no addition of any chemical or preservatives to the cream making it 100% pure completely different from the usual organic natural face creams in the market. The face creams in the market majorly contain water/aqua in their formulation hence call for the addition of emulsifiers to blend the water and the oil which do not blend with each other on their own.

Hence creams containing water plus chemicals & preservatives stay in whipped consistency, uniform texture all through the year despite being affected by extreme temperature variation.

SNAANA creams may melt during summers with rising in temperature and freeze in winter with a dip in temperature similar to pure coconut oil as every oil and butter has a melting point.

Natural products like that of SNAANA do not contain these synthetics (Chemicals & preservatives) hence are affected by weather (melt during summers & freeze during winters) but their quality very much remains intact.

So when you use SNAANA cream, you simply apply healthy & effective skin essentials only and zero chemicals and preservatives.