Best Organic Face Cream for winter dryness


Dry skin is a problem common to many individuals, especially during the cold winter season. Face cream for winter are lifesavers, but organic cream or moisturizer maybe even better for some skin concerns.

Dry skin is a problem common to many individuals, especially during the cold winter season. This seasonal dryness makes skin more prone to cracks, scales, and flakiness causing too much discomfort including itchiness. It’s the lack of moisture that slows down the healing and makes skin more susceptible to skin concerns like rash, itch, etc. Moisturizing is a significant component of daily skincare routines. After cleansing, the skin is generally clean, oil-free, and dried. As a result, you must moisturise your skin after cleansing.

But do you still use chemical face creams? It’s time to throw out your old face creams because they do irrevocable damage to your skin in the long term. To make your skincare routine safer and more natural, go-to truly natural & organic face creams.

An organic cream consists of organic ingredients that help moisturise our skin without being harsh on it and provide hydration for healthy skin.

Does organic mean 100% natural?

No, a product labeled organic may not contain all natural ingredients. Because there are many chemicals approved by organic certification agencies to use in food, skin care products and term the product as organic. 

Why is organic skin care more expensive?

Organic skin care has become expensive because a lot of money is involved in the certification process too. 

Why you need an organic face cream

We all know the benefits of face cream, but discover why organic face cream could hold the secrets to healthier skin.


There are so many compelling reasons why organic face cream is better than chemical-based, emulsified cream or non-organic alternatives!

  • Using natural and organic face cream can reduce skin irritation, unlike non-organic and non-natural products.
  • Organic and natural face creams are made of natural ingredients, are usually non-allergenic to the skin, and work better on your skin.
  • Truly Natural and organic skincare products are time tested.
  • If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!
  • Buying better quality, organic and natural products actually means you end up saving a lot in the long run! It’s far more economical than an emulsified or say all weather same texture cream, something that you always find in the market. 
  • Buying naturally and sustainably sourced products can be much kinder to the environment too. 

How to choose the Best Natural Organic Face Creams/Moisturizers?

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing any skin care product is the product is made for say skin type and preferably age group. Many times, certain formulas do not work well with acne-prone, sensitive, very dry, or irritated skin. So check if the ingredients are really organic and the product honestly does not contain any chemicals and preservatives. 

Investing in a truly organic face cream or moisturiser is, in my opinion, investing in better health not only for our skin but for the world around us.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best organic face cream/moisturiser

1.  As per your age and skin type

Much like any other skincare product, you should always use a natural and organic moisturiser that’s ideal for your skin type and helps you deal with any skin concerns you may have. Using one that’s not meant for your skin can have adverse effects on your skin. ‘SNAANA’ natural & organic moisturisers only include natural ingredients available in the raw – unrefined form that help in keeping your skin hydrated and nourished when applied topically. Some of these ingredients include coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, lavender essential oil, basil essential oil etc. 


Composition As for other moisturisers/creams that are available in the market, they include formulations that are developed with chemicals like highly processed emollients, emulsifiers, stabilisers including preservatives to cater to different skin types and concerns. While they could be portrayed or marketed as a mix of all-natural and vegan ingredients, they also have a blend of chemically derived components that can harm much more than the benefit it can ensure.

2.  Look for clean, certified organic & sustainable products

Always go for brands that deliver clean, sustainable and certified organic products from ingredients to formulation to lastly the final ready to use jar/bottle. You may come across brands with toll claims selling chemical loaded formulation in plastic ars and bottles. Hence always pay attention to these minute yet helpful details to filter the best natural face cream. 

3.  Fragrance-free

Fragrance is a dangerous ingredient that invisibly destroys human health. And therefore we at SNAANA do not make use of any scent or fragrance. Our products including the face creams contain the natural aroma derived from ingredients only. And this fragrance free yet aromatic blend gives you the real therapeutic nourishment on your skin and mind. They simply smell like the ingredients used!

4.  Cruelty-free

Products that are made using multiple chemicals and their blends need testing on living bodies before use on humans. However, SNAANA products are made using edible ingredients that we have been using in our day to day life and hence do not require animal testing.

Texture & consistency

There are a wide variety of skincare products on the market today, some of which are purely synthetic while some are a partial mix of chemical and natural and negligible in number the truly 100% natural. This is simply because a 100% natural product making is expensive with ingredients not cost effective as are chemicals. And mankind has created chemicals to fulfil every purpose like emollient to replace expensive oils and butters. Interestingly a layman can not really differentiate between the natural and synthetic as these are matched closely in terms of look, feel and smell. 


While buying a cream. Always look for one that is 100% intune to the weather meaning it freezes as the temperature dips and it loosens up as we approach summers. Remember our grand ma’s putting the bottle of coconut oil in the sun during winters to melt it. Hence go for a cream that is a pure blend of unrefined – raw oils, butters and essential oils that is highly effective and healthy for skin. 

Here are some benefits of choosing natural and organic face creams-

They’re better for the environment – No chemicals and no plastics makes it super healthy for the environment.


They’re safer – Since the ingredients used are skin friendly and may cause concern in cases when you are allergic to certain ingredients present in the formulation/cream. 

They’re packed with beneficial nutrients – Raw and least processed ingredients help provide complete nourishment. 

They’re easier on the skin – our skin absorbs natural ingredients much faster and with greater ease as compared to synthetics. 

They are truly sustainable – The ingredients used in the oils are 100% sourced from cultivation and not from forest and other self grown areas. 

1.  Economical:-

SNAANA Face Creams are a healthy & economical alternative to face creams usually found in the market in the name of natural, organic clean, and healthy.

  • Need little for each application – Intense & long last moisturization.
  • Does not contain water – water is usually an inexpensive filler in creams but at SNAANA we do not add water to the cream.  No emulsifier & other supportive
  • Chemicals and preservatives – since water and oil do not mix, hence creams found in the market in whipped even consistency contain emulsifiers, stabilizers, and preservatives which are afterall are chemicals. 

Best face cream for your age and skin type

SNAANA face cream is one of the best face creams available for different age groups and their skin types. As we use a traditional technique that contains a pure blend formulation of cold-pressed oils, butter, and steam-distilled essential oils only. The cream is made keeping in view the skin cycle and changing age and skin type oriented to work best in each age group.

There is no addition of any chemical or preservatives to the cream making it completely 100% chemical free and even preservative free.

Baby and toddler Face Cream 

Teenage Face Cream 

Teenage is the time whilst there may be a lot of hormonal change. This also impacts oil glands, mainly oily skin, blackheads, spots acne, and zits. During winter, when humidity is much less, even oily pores and skin may additionally experience dryness. It feels stretched and taut soon after washing with cleaning soap and water.

Young Adults Face Cream

Mom-Dad Face Cream

Ma-Pa Face Cream

SNAANA do not contain any synthetic (chemicals & preservatives) and are 100% pure, healthy & economical.


Please read the label to avoid acknowledged allergies, if any. We offer entire factor disclosure at the product in commonplace parlance for clean information of our customers. We endorse a patch test while using the product for the first time for any unknown reactions.

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