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People have used natural oils for their skin for ages. They have been utilised for centuries for their varied moisturising, shielding, and antibacterial properties. However, these natural oils and basic ingredients have gone unnoticed because such a large variety of chemical based beauty products are readily available in the market today. But now, natural Face oil are making a comeback since consumers are looking for inexpensive, effective, and additive-free or say chemical free solutions.

Face oils are having a major moment lately; you may think they are just another trendy skin care product. However, it turns out that applying “face oil” is actually an ancient beauty routine that women and men used for thousands of years before synthetics blended as emollients made way to our life in the form of lotions and creams.

There are many options on the market each with its own blend of oil selections, and it’s pretty tough to find one that absorbs into your skin without a greasy feeling. Some feel too heavy, or too heavily scented, as each of these natural ingredients comes with its own herbaceous profile.

The combination of pure plant extracts-jojoba, rosehip, jasmine, rosemary, and others, depending on each formulation-are blended to accomplish a sorta-scientific miracle. With oily skin, these natural ingredients can help balance the skin’s oil production. In dry skin, the soothing plant oils also help to lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier, while also calming irritation and redness. These traits make face oils great for dry, oily, or combination skin as they balance, detoxify, and calm with just a few drops of this golden liquid.

What are Face Oils?

Face oils are just plant oils-either in combination or single ingredient oils. Many companies manufacture face oils for specific skin conditions, with added ingredients for more skin nutrition.

How do Face Oils Work?

Face oil helps to boost hydration and keep your skin nourished for a longer time. Oils provide nutrition and hydration to the skin. Face oils often contain plant nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. They are packed with a unique set of antioxidants, fatty acids, and other nutrients, all of which protect the skin and nourish it, without causing any harm.

Face oils help to battle a lot of skin issues, ranging from pigmentation, clearing uneven skin tone, preventing premature ageing of the skin, and keeping it soft and supple.

Face oil helps to boost hydration and keep your skin nourished for a longer time.

How do you use Face Oils?

If you have oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, you may just need to apply it on the face and neck and wipe it off after an hour or two. Another way to apply is using 1-2 drops only on moist face to ease all over quick application and no concern of wiping off later on. 

Face oils can be used in two ways: one you leave it on the skin to absorb and second, you let it stay on the face for a few hours and wipe it off with a towel soaked in warm water. Using face oil is totally dependent on your skin type.

If you have oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, you may just need to apply it on the face and neck and wipe it off after an hour or two. For those with dry skin, you can let it soak in your skin overnight.

Benefits of Face Oil for winter

Face oils can help keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

It’s a myth that face oils can make your skin look oily and make it prone to breakouts and acne. In truth, it can help to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. If you have excessively dry skin, incorporate it into your skincare routine all year round. Need more reasons to use face oil?

Here are some benefits of using face oils.

  • Face oils extend the work of your moisturiser by locking the moisture in it, seals in the nourishing ingredients of your moisturiser, making your skin stay hydrated for longer.
  • Face oil can help you get soft, silky skin instantly. The oil’s fat-soluble vitamins act as a conditioner on the skin, making it smooth and even.
  • Most face oils contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their benefits. They calm the skin and prevent rashes. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, helping all skin conditions like dryness or acne to eczema or rosacea.
  • Applying face oil along with your other products increases their absorption into your skin. Active ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid are able to penetrate deeper into the skin with the help of the oil molecules.
  • Face oils act as barrier protection, working both ways. On one hand, it keeps the moisture and hydrating ingredients in, while on the other hand, it keeps out pollutants, and toxins and also protects against sun damage.

What’s the difference between Face oil & a Lotion?

Let’s take a look at the basic formula of each: facial oils are made of simple oils. Creams and lotions are made from oils, water, and ingredients that help oil and water mix. Water content is the key difference. Facial oil contains no water, whereas lotions do. In fact, lotions are usually anywhere from 60% to 90% Water. The effects and benefits of each type of product depending on the interaction of oil and water with your skin. 

Why use facial Oil in place of Cream/Lotions

Oil nourishes the skin, providing nutrients and essential fatty acids. Oils also lubricate the skin, allowing it to cleanse itself. If the skin does not have the proper fat content, it cannot properly function. This could lead to acne breakouts, dryness and sensitivities. Oils help your skin reach the proper fat content and give it what it needs to stay hydrated without the extra stabilisers and preservatives which are chemicals.

When using oils you can still incorporate the water from the tap or apply on moist skin to get the same benefit as creams and lotions do but without using chemicals on your skin. 

Benefits of using Face Oils

Oil-based products are extremely compatible with human skin, as the skin’s outermost layers are also oil-based. Oils (especially organic face oil) are compatible with and extremely nourishing to these layers, helping to replenish and condition them.

The top layer of your skin is vital to your existence. This barrier protects you from the constant suffering of infections, diseases, dehydration, and UV-induced damage. Oil-based products such as facial oils keep the skin’s barrier function at its healthiest.

Best natural Face Oil in winter

1.  SNAANA Face Oil for Normal Skin

Unique antioxidant-rich oil blend is food for the skin to maintain a healthy balance, prevent environmental damage, and delay aging for adults in their ’30s, 40s & 50’s

  • Moisturizes, softens and brightens the skin
  • Firms and improve skin elasticity
  • Provide needed nutrients to keep it healthy and clear
  • Treat dryness and flaking skin
  • Treat and prevent skin discoloration
  • Treats sun damage
  • 100% chemical & preservatives free

2.  SNAANA Face Oil for Oily Skin

Best face oil to support the need for oily & acne pimple-prone skin to heal, lighten, moisturise and improve the overall appearance of the skin in your 30’s and beyond

  • Moisturise, heal & nourish oily acne pimple-prone skin.
  • Balance the skin and reduce pain, itch, and inflammation
  • Act as food for oily skin & stimulate a healthy microbiome
  • The light & non-greasy oil texture makes it quick to absorb
  • Made with edible ingredients only
  • 100% chemical & preservatives free 

3.  SNAANA Face Oil for Dry Skin

Best natural face oil for dry skin & related concerns to keep it hydrated, balanced, and free from dry dull, itch & uneven appearance

  • Works effectively on dry & patchy skin (including intense dryness conditions like eczema/psoriasis)
  • Provide instant ease and relief from itch and inflammation
  • Reduce ageing concerns like fine lines & wrinkles
  • Highly moisturising for dry, flaky and rough skin
  • Strengthen the skin natural barrier & protect from external environment
  • 100% chemical & preservatives free

 Why SNAANA Face Oil?

SNAANA face oil is best for all skin types. These face oils are a blend of cold-pressed oils and steam-distilled essential oils to act as a topical food for the skin. These well-formulated oils are light & non-greasy and quick to absorb in the skin and 100% chemical & preservative free.

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