Best Health & Skin Benefits of Vetiver


Vetiver, more commonly known as khus in Ayurveda, is renowned for various purposes, especially in the Indian sub-continent. Benefits of Vetiver has both refreshing and soothing properties that relieve all exertion and stress and is, therefore, a great pitta pacifying ingredient. The healing properties of this aromatic grass render it to be a one-stop solution for many of your skin woes too.

Vetiver root is used for multiple purposes in our life like medicine, aromatherapy, food flavor perfume/cosmetics, environmental protection, etc. The scientific name of Vetiver is Chrysopogon zizanioides and belongs to the grass family Poaceae.

Fact – Did you know the appeasing aroma of the Vetiver plant carries benefits not only to the mind but also to the body

Since ancient times, almost the entire Vetiver plant has been used for various applications including the making of perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics. Used in foods and drinks, Vetiver made a much-loved cooling beverage (sorbet flavor).

  • Vetiver is a plant. The root is used to make medicine.
  • People take vetiver for nerve and circulation problems.
  • Vetiver is sometimes applied directly to the skin for relieving stress, as well as emotional traumas and shock; treating lice; and repelling insects.
  • Vetiver is sometimes inhaled as “aromatherapy” for nervousness, trouble sleeping (insomnia), and joint and muscle pain (rheumatism)

Vetiver Health Benefits

  • Improves bone health vetiver roots possess anti-inflammatory and vulnerable properties that help overcome swelling/stiffness in bones and promote the healing of wounds.
  • Calms The Mind – The soothing aroma of the vetiver helps you to calm & relax your mind and improve your mood. The relaxing effect overcomes stress, clear thoughts and creates emotional wellbeing. 
  • Promotes Digestion – The cool and aromatic nature of the vetiver help provide relief from colic, vomiting, and flatulence. 
  • Improves Immunity – Vetiver contains antioxidants that help in improving the immune functioning of the body and thereby avert possible infections, allergies, and infections, etc. 
  • Antiseptic Properties – It has highly active antiseptic properties, which aid it in fighting bacteria and other microbes which aids in treating wounds and healing them quickly.
  • Relieves Insomnia – Stress is the major contributor to insomnia. It is difficult to overcome chronic insomnia without any sedatives. Vetiver is a natural relaxant that helps overcome fatigue and ease anxiety, anger, and depression, and hence induce sleep. 
  • Avoid dehydration  – Vetiver is cool in nature and therefore used in summers as a beverage to beat the heat and control the body temperature and other heat causing symptoms like prickly heat etc.  

Vetiver Skin Benefits

Vetiver is a super effective healing tonic for dry skin.  

  • Moisturizes And Hydrates The Skin – Vetiver improves the functioning of the skin by inducing sebum production and bringing hydration creating an overall healthy skin functioning delaying the aging concerns like sagging, dryness and wrinkles. 
  • Tightens Skin Pore And Reduces Oiliness – Vetiver is considered to be a natural astringent known to tone the skin credibly. It tightens and cleanses the pores and reduces the onset of blackhead or whitehead formation.
  • Reduces Skin Inflammation – It can eliminate sunburns and soothe any redness, as Vetiver possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps Delay The Signs Of Aging – Vetiver is power-packed with antioxidants. It can effectively cleanse the system and eliminate toxins and other free radicals that are the usual cause for unfavorable aging signs like pigmentation, discolored skin tone, etc
  • Antimicrobial in nature – As per research studies, vetiver is found to have demonstrated outstanding activities against some bacteria strains making it beneficial for skin care not solely for aroma but as antimicrobial too. 
Can we add vetiver in coconut oil?

Yes, vetiver oil can be added in drops to coconut to use it as a face oil, body oil or hair oil. This oil is suitable for application on dry and intense dry skin. Both coconut and vetiver are comedogenic in nature hence people with oily acne pimple prone skin should avoid its application. 

Vetiver Benefits for hair

  • It strengthens our hair
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Helps to treat dry and itchy scalp
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Protects our hair
Is vetiver good for the scalp?

Yes, vetiver is very good for dry scalp and dry hair. 

How to make use of Vetiver for skin and health benefits

Vetiver root is an edible herb and can be used in 3 forms known to us from traditional times

  1. Vetiver water
  2. Vetiver Essential Oil 
  3. Vetiver powder

Vetiver water  

The best Vetiver water is steam-distilled water of vetiver roots prepared using the clean & green technique of steam distillation in practice for many centuries. Benefits of using a steam distilled vetiver water are

  1. 100% Chemical & Preservative free
  2. Water soluble Nutrient’s rich water
  3. Edible (free from preservatives also)
  4. Highly Therapeutic 
  5. Environment Friendly 

This vetiver water can be used for multiple purposes like

  1. Flavor to food & beverages – Add 1-2 tablespoons of vetiver water to a glass of shakes/smoothies or sherbet to add flavor and nutrients. You can replace the synthetic flavor in cakes, milk puddings, biryani etc with khus water. 
  1. Skin toner/mist – Use vetiver water in place of your regular cosmetic grade face mist or face toner. It will help shrink skin pores, even the skin tone and improve hydration relieving inflammation & itch. Make use of edible vetiver water for your skin in place of cosmetic grade (external use only) face mist/waters.

Vetiver water is best suitable for dry and intense dry skin types. Individuals with oily and acne-prone skin should avoid using vetiver water; it may clog the pores and worsen the condition. 

  1. Aroma diffuser – Fill the aroma diffuser cup with vetiver water and run it. The mild natural aroma is highly therapeutic. Do not mix plain water to the cup. 
  1. Herbal remedy – Use it in remedy to treat body disorders like colic, flatulence, dehydration, inflammation etc. 
  1. Tea drops – Add 5-7 drops to about 1 tablespoon of khus water to a cup of warm water and enjoy the nutrient rich therapeutic instant vetiver tea. It’s a healthy way to make tea in place of using a tea bag. (Tea bags when dropped in warm water release harmful micro and nano plastics into the cup)

Making of 100% chemical & Preservative free Vetiver Water & Essential oil

Vetiver Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oil is the life force or says pran of a plant in a bottle. Essential oils are very strong and therefore act as antibiotics/medicines for living things including humans. 

Vetiver essential oil contains the oil-soluble nutrients of vetiver in it. It has a strong earthy and woody sweet aroma. 

Vetiver essential oil benefits the body and skin 

  1. Skin – Aid in healing, repairing and nourishing dry and intense dry skin. Dilute the essential oil in carrier oils like hemp seed oil, gotu kola oil, coconut oil and use it as face oil, body oil, massage oil etc. 
  2. Hair – Vetiver essential oil ease dryness and fight dandruff hence helpful in strengthening hair and keepin it healthy. Use it diluted in oils like flaxseed oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, sesame oil etc. 
  3. Body  – The aromatic vetiver essential oil is people’s favorite in body oil as it lends a sweet woody aroma that soothes the mind. Add vetiver oil to sesame oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, apricot oil and use it as a healthy and long-lasting moisturisation delivering oil. 
  4. Food – You can cook with some essential oils and therefore you can add essential oil to your recipes to lend it aroma and nutrition. However make sure that you make use of an edible essential oil only for the same purpose. Often essential oils in the market are synthetically prepared hence are meant for cosmetic/external use only. Refer to the guide on how to cook with essential oils here.   
  5. Perfume – The sweet earthy and woody oil is indeed the best natural perfume. Dilute it in carrier oil and use it as a mild and healthy perfume. 

Benefits of Vetiver root powder or the whole herb

You can make use of vetiver root powder to consume or apply. Vetiver grass and herb ubtans/face masks or vetiver water at home. Soak vetiver grass in an earthen pot filled with water overnight. And use the water the next day in your drink, skincare, or food. 

Fact – Any product or remedy works only when it is undertaken with pure healthy ingredients and used regularly as per the direction. Make use of edible vetiver in your daily routine or occasional needs even if you want to use it for external purposes. 

Vetiver grass- type and characteristic found in India

There are two distinct types of vetiver found in India – As per the research on the khus variety and oil produced

Source - Research published in National Centre for Biotechnology Information -Scientific Reports -PMC4683516
  1. North Indian Type –  This is characterized by thick and smooth fast growing roots found in Indo-gangetic plains and adjoining areas mainly in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. This variety produces superior quality khus oil. 
  2. South Indian Type – This characterized by thin roots and thin leaves found in west coast of Indian peninsula (Tamil Nadu, karnataka, Andhra Pradesh). The low quality oil could be due to geographical factors like soil, weather etc.

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