Face oils are a blend of cold-pressed oils and steam distilled essential oils to act as a topical food for the skin. These well-formulated oils are light & non-greasy and quick to absorb in the skin. Face oils are usually meant for people beyond their 30’s to prevent and treat skin concerns that arise out of lifestyle disorders, environmental factors etc.

100% Natural. Synthetic Free

No Added Colour

No Added Fragrance Or Perfume

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

Prepared with time tested ingredients

100% chemical-free & preservative-free

Traditional Technique

Here’s how we make face oil for you

Nutrient rich Cold pressed oils

Different nuts and seeds are cold pressed through the traditional technique of cold pressing. This produces healthy & nutrient rich oil. 

Highly therapeutic Essential oils

Parts of plants like leaves, roots, flower/buds, stems and bark are used to make herb essential oils. These essential oils are prepared through a traditional technique called steam distillation.


Right Composition blend

 Cold pressed oils and essential oils are blended to make the face oil as per the age and skin type. The formulated oils are safe & highly effective food for skin.


Quality & time tested ingredients

Different nuts & seeds and herbs are sourced directly from the farmers to ensure a quality sourcing. Ingredients used in the formulation are conventional ingredients used for ages in the treatment and upkeep of the skin. 


In-House facility

The making of cold pressed oils, essential oils and product formulation in our own facility help ensure a healthy – safe and effective skin care product.


Here’s how we are different from others

  • There is no use of any chemical – 21st century synthetic. Hence we do not make any face serum or say water & oil blend based products. 
  • Authentic time tested and effective product only.
  • Age & Skin type oriented product helps cater to desired skin needs. Our skin needs change with age similar to our body nutritional needs.  
  • Wholesome Purity, matchless excellence, sustainability and environment friendliness are our founding principle. Since we are 100% free of chemicals that mean no synthetic usage at all, we inevitably become Clean beauty.