Babchi – Ayurvedic Ingredients Uses & Benefits

Babchi – Ayurvedic Ingredients Uses & Benefits

Babchi is a powerful herb that acts as a medicine to treat and prevent many skin & scalp conditions like rashes, infections, vitiligo, pigmentation, wound healing, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia areata to name a few. With the recent resurgence of plant based remedies as a natural & safe alternate to allopath medicine, babchi oil is making its way to many skin and hair care products.

Babchi is found almost all over the India and therefore the herb is regionally known by different names like bakuchi, bavachi, suparnika, sitavari, kushtanashi, bawchi to name a few.

The botanical name of Babchi is Psoralea corylifolia.

In Ayurveda, the herb is referred to as Chandrika, Suprabha, chandrashalaka, somvalli in different ayurvedic references. bakuchi is warm in nature (taseer) and therefore alleviates kapha and vata doshas while aggravate the pitta dosha.

Benefits of Babchi (bakuchi) oil for the skin

Babchi oil contains effective medicinal values as per Ayurveda and the modern science.

  • Reduce pigmentation and boost collagen
  • Functions like retinol with improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity (Fights premature ageing) and reduced sun damage. Using retinol on skin involves the risk of discoloration, redness inflammation etc.
  • Brightens the skin and Improves the overall skin texture
  • Helpful in skin/scalp conditions like eczema, psoriasis, hair loss,  itching red papules, insect bites/stings etc.
  • Helpful in treating vitiligo skin conditions

The cold pressed oil of Bakuchiol seed should be diluted in any cold pressed oil like coconut, almond, hemp seed etc. before application. It should never be used directly on the skin. Likewise the seed or the oil intake should accompany a meal or as guided by a health practitioner.

Difference between Babchi oil & Bakuchiol

 Often people confuse between babchi oil and bakuchiol. These are not the two different oils; rather Babchi oil contains a component named bakuchiol in it.

The making of Babchi oil

At SNAANA we make oil in-house by sourcing seed directly from the farmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The seeds are cleaned, dried and cold pressed to take the oil out from the seeds. It takes about 1.3 kg of seeds to produce 100 grams of pure cold pressed Bakuchiol oil.

How to make use of Pure cold pressed Babchi (bakuchi) oil

 This pure cold pressed oil can be mixed with face cream/oil or body lotion/oil to apply on the skin. Always begin with 1 part of babchi oil added to 20 parts of emollient be it face or body oil/cream.

Likewise add the oil to the hair oil or any cold pressed oil like coconut, almond, flaxseed, jojoba etc.

Use it to make your own face oil or body oil – DIY

 Babchi oil/bakuchiol is effective & safe than retinol

Retinol is multistage processed compounds comprising of vitamin A and its derivatives. And using retinol involves the risk of redness, itch and inflammation, increased skin sensitivity, dryness and scaly patches, discoloration etc.  

Edible Babchi oil

The oil produced at SNAANA is 100% pure cold pressed oil hence it can be used for consumption as well. Use it orally as per the guidance of an ayurvedic practitioner.  

 Babchi oil skin care products at SNAANA

With the rising shift to plant based remedies, SNAANA brings in 100% chemical & preservative free unique formulations to cater to various skin care treat & prevent needs that have been time tested by our elders.  

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