Baby Skincare Home remedies


Baby Skin care home remedies is not a newly created trend rather it’s a comeback of long practised rituals around bathing and moisturising the baby skin without the use of chemicals and preservatives.

Over the past couple of decades, excessive usage of chemicals and preservatives in different baby skin care products like soaps/cleansers, skin moisturising, massage oils, balms, powder etc. have raised many skin concerns forcing people to go back to traditionally used oils and herbs.

Baby Skin care Home remedies

Different cultures around the world used different oils and herbs as per the availability in their regions for example the south-east Asian people used coconut oil, Greeks used olive oil, Africans used Shea butter, Indian used sesame oil, mustard oil and coconut oil depending upon the regional crop availability, Romans used lavender etc. All with the same purpose to nourish & protect the baby skin to keep it healthy.

With globalisation bringing in ease of availability of different oils and herbs from different parts of the world giving today’s mom multiple options to choose the best skin care oil or herb.

So here we bring to you the simple Baby skin care home remedies for bathing & moisturising baby’s skin with simple ingredients

  • Body Massage – Massaging the baby with oil takes not only the good care for the skin but works to improve appetite, sleep etc.
  • Shower Cleansing the skin is very important to keep the skin microbiome healthy. Although babies are restricted to bed only still pee-poo and drool proper cleanse is much needed. There are two ways to clean the skin – Herb powders & Soap Both herb powders and soap have been used for centuries as a cleanser. Many herbs contain natural occurring saponins in them making them suitable for cleansing.

This is a very cost-effective remedy as compared to lotions available in the markets. The lotion’s composition contains maximum water with minor oil content making it a running white liquid with composition necessity to add emulsifiers and stabilizers, often are synthetics/chemicals.

Water is free flowing in the tap hence why pay for it. When we buy a bottle of after shower oil or ingredients to prepare after shower oil at home, we pay only for the oils. A bottle lasts much longer than a bottle of a lotion as only a few drops of oil are needed for the skin moisturising. And above all you know what you are using on your baby’s skin.

Apart from the basic Natural skin care, here we suggest you how to care for some common skin concerns that arise with baby skin

  • Diaper rash – The red small spots to large patches is often caused by wet or soiled diapers. It happens when the urine or stool in the diaper irritates the tender skin making it red.
  • Cradle Cap – Cradle cap usually goes away on its own and need no treatment. However, to make the crusty patches shed easily and quickly, apply cold pressed oils like coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, sesame oil etc. It’s important to keep it lubricated with oils and not to scratch the skin, having enough patience to let it shed on its own only.
  • Eczema – The tiny red bumps or blisters or the dry thickened scaly skin that shows up on skin is usually the eczema. If scratched – the skin may become infected and make the condition worse. Hence it’s important to calm and soothe the skin to prevent the occurrence of itch. Eczema occurs due to allergy concerns and sometimes the family history. So it’s important to use oils like sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, hempseed oil with added steam distilled essential oils like lavender or chamomile.
  • Contact Dermatitis / contact allergy – This usually happens when the baby’s skin comes in contact with an allergic ingredient showing up in the form of rash. This could be due to clothing or dyes or metallic contact. Here, it is very important to find out the reason for the rash to prevent any future skin concern.
  • Heat Rash –Hot and humid weather often gives heat rashes in the form of little bumps occurring on the chest, stomach, in the fold, neck and buttocks. The best way to deal with heat rash is – shower the baby with cool water and dress up in the loose fitting -light cotton clothing. Apply light & non-greasy oils like jojoba immediately after the shower and keep the baby indoors in a cool and airy room.

For baby Skin care home remedies to work effectively, it is important to use the right quality ingredient – oil or herb with right care. Therefore always look for edible and chemical & preservative-free products even if it is meant for external purpose only.

Why SNAANA Baby skin care products?

Here is why SNAANA products are the best chemical and preservative-free product for babies.

  • 100% free from chemicals and preservatives. Free from all – safe & unsafe chemicals. We believe any chemical /synthetic considered safe today may come out to be harmful years later, hence it’s good to stick to time-tested ingredients only.
  • All ingredients (complete disclosure) listed on the label in common parlance for a better understanding of the consumer/Mother. This helps mothers avoid known allergy concerns if any.
  • Ingredients are processed through traditionally used methods like a cold pressing or steam distillation to retain their therapeutic value. These ancient techniques produce low yield as compared to 21st century developed methods that produce high yield and make products highly cost-effective.

Products and raw material – ingredients are prepared in-house at SNAANA to ensure right quality- pure ingredient/product for the consumer absolutely free from adulteration.

Products are prepared from the best raw material -edible oils, herbs. SNAANA do not believe in cosmetic grade ingredients at all.

Product formulation process and ingredients are 100% in connect with ayurveda principles, our mother nature.

Hence the products at SNAANA are unique – very different in colour, texture and consistency than the products that we usually find in the market in the name of natural, organic, chemical free products.

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