Guard your little one’s precious skin with natural organic baby products made with time-tested ingredients to gently nourish the tender skin during the development phase. The products have strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that soothe rashes, cradle cap, and boost physical immunity. With zero synthetics these ingredients clean, moisturize, and protect the baby’s thin, delicate skin from dryness, rash, and much more.

Our Baby Skin care products are

100% Natural. Synthetic Free

No Added Colour

No Added Fragrance Or Perfume

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

Here is how we make Baby skin care products

Cold pressed oils & butters

 Oils are prepared in-house from different nuts & seeds through the traditional technique of cold pressing. This gives a nutrient rich healthy oil best suitable for consumption and application.  

Steam distilled Essential oils

 Oils are prepared from different herbs (parts of plant) through centuries old technique of steam distillation (deg bhapka method). The produced oil is highly therapeutic and suitable for consumption as well as application. 


Quality Raw material Connect with Farmer

Sourcing the quality raw material is very crucial in producing the right quality ingredient for the product. Herbs, nuts & seeds are directly sourced from the farmer. A close connect with farming community helps keep a check on quality.  


Safe & Time tested Ingredients

 Ingredients that have been in use for centuries are used in the product to ensure safe, healthy & effective formulation. No 21st century or multiple processed ingredients are used in the product.  


Traditional technique

Traditional techniques are simple and do not cause loss of nutrients while newly devised cost effective techniques often result in adulteration, nutrient loss etc.


In – House facility

Making of cold pressed oils, steam distilled essential oils and different herb fine powders is done in SNAANA’s own traditional art of the state facility to ensure a healthy, nutrient rich  & zero adulterated ingredient/produce.  


Here’s how we are different from others

  • Make products with ingredients produced in-house. 
  • 100% Ingredient disclosure – Ingredients are labeled in common parlance for the better understanding of the consumer
  • 100% Traditional composition and technique of making the product
  • Glass packaging – No plastic bottles & jars