Applying oil on the body after a bath scares us of greasiness. And that’s when we want to use Body Lotions, Body Moisturisers which are a mix of water & Oils/butter. If these body lotion’s oils and butter mixed with water are fantastic to use giving us a non-greasy feel then why can’t we use the same oil/butter on wet skin immediately after bathing when our skin is wet/moist.

Remember water when mixed with oil/butter need chemicals to mix water and oil, otherwise non- mixable and `preservatives to provide shelf life. All that water does is help in the quick absorption of oils into the skin pores. So why pay for water and inevitably feed the skin with chemicals with every use of lotions.

At SNAANA we make After Shower body oil as per your age to apply immediately after shower on wet/moist skin. Each category of oil is formulated keeping in view the need of the skin to stay nourished & healthy because as we age our skin needs changes.

Applying different oils to the body to protect, heal, and nourish the skin is a tradition followed for ages unknown.

1. What is the difference between our massage oils and after shower oils?

Our massage oils are formulated for a thick concentration to give a smooth glide on the skin during the massage process. Plus, these oils have pain-relieving and skin-soothing properties if used according to the information given on their label. On the contrary, our after-shower oils are light non-greasy oils that get easily absorbed by the skin. These oils should be applied to moist skin immediately after a bath for soft and nourished skin.

2. Why don’t we make Body Lotions?

Keeping our principles in view we really cannot make milky running liquids as it requires chemicals & preservatives to mix oil & water which are otherwise non-mixable and also to prevent the lotion from microbial growth and further damage. Instead, we have After-Shower Oils which give the desired benefit similar to body Lotions. After Shower oils are light, non-greasy, and quickly absorbed resulting in soft silky skin.

3. Do you use ‘safe’ products?

The term ‘safe’ is widely used on commonly available skin and body care products. But we believe it is not apt to mark products ‘safe’ for the reason that any product which has minimum chemical or preservative constituent even less than 1% is not healthy and ‘safe’ in the long-run. And therefore, we at SNAANA do not make use of chemicals and preservatives at all giving our customers a traditionally used unique texture – aroma with time tested ingredients making the products absolutely SAFE with zero concerns.