10 Super Effective Kalonji Seed Oil Benefits (black cumin seed) you didn’t know.

10 Super Effective Kalonji Seed Oil Benefits (black cumin seed) you didn’t know.

These Kalonji seed oil benefits can reduce your dependence on allopathic medication drastically.

Kalonji seeds have been in use for centuries to treat different disorders, diseases and conditions related to the respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system kidney, liver, heart functioning, and much more. In recent times it has been subject to various clinical trials to know the miraculous composition of the seeds. And the studies have confirmed the potential in the seeds to heal and prevent various disorders.

Here are the very basic few benefits of Kalonji seed (Black Seed) oil basis the research to aid natural healing in your day to day life saying a complete no to allopathic medication.

Benefits of kalonji seed oil (Black cumin seed)

1. Sore throat


Black cumin oil has the capability to heal sore throat and clear nasal airways in just 3-4 days of regular intake.

Early morning immediate after woke up – Drink warm water 1-2 glasses as your body demands. Post this take 1/2 teaspoon of black cumin oil. Do not drink anything for next 30 minutes.

Post breakfast – Gargle with plain warm water and put 2-3 drops of black cumin on the edge of the tongue towards the throat. Do not drink water for the next 1 hour.

Post Lunch – Clean the throat and again put 2-3 drops of black cumin oil on the edge of the tongue towards the throat. Do not drink water for the next an hour.

Bedtime – Right before sleep – take 1 teaspoon of black cumin oil and do not drink water at all.

During severe throat aches – the drop dosages can be repeated in the middle of the night as and when one wakes up due to pain, dryness and coughing. The peppery property cuts the mucus thereby helps cleaning the throat thus relieving the dryness and pain.

2. Blocked nose

Use Kalonji oil as nasal drops atleast morning and evening and late night before sleeping. The kalonji oil cuts the mucous making a way to seep down the throat thus the nasal airways open.

3. Ear Drops

Pain in ears due to congestion-cold /cough. Use Black cumin oil as ear drops.

4. Snoring & insomnia

Mix a table spoon black cumin oil with warm milk and drink an hour before bedtime. Do not eat/ drink anything post this. Only warm water can be sipped. In case you are unable to take milk, drink with water topped up with a table spoon of honey.

5. Skin swelling


kalonji seed oil benefits skin swelling or any insect bite or any other temporary concern on skin – Apply a drop of oil on area of concern 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days.

6. Weight Loss


Take 1 teaspoon early morning empty stomach with warm water and 1 tea spoon pre dinner with warm water. You can increase the quantity to 3 teaspoons a day but make a balanced move.

Kalonji oil do not really have any adverse side effects but some bodies can repel with symptoms like nausea, bloating or acid reflux. In such cases reduce the quantity consumption to 2-3 drops. And the best way to consume is as a seasoning added to soups, salads or porridge etc.

7. Black cumin seed oil benefits in Vitiligo or Pigment loss skin


Kalonji oil regular application has shown positive results in reducing the white lesions/patches over the months. This condition affects about .5 to 1% population worldwide.

The white lesions look more prominent in dark-skinned people although it is a common disorder across all ethnic groups. A positive hopeful zeal and regular application can work wonders.

8. Skin & Hair


The vital nutrient thymoquinone in black cumin seed oil makes it a versatile herb that can heal and treat acne, pigmentation, inflammation, wound concerns of the skin. Skin is by most the vital organ that we all take for granted and negligence in its care can risk the overall body.

9. Benefits in Eczema & intense dryness


Eczema is an intense dry rash-like patch occurring on the skin. In recent times the rising cases have been reported due to exposure to chemicals/synthetics present all around. And atopic dermatitis cases are on rising in all age groups including infants due to irritants present in various skin products.

And in one of the clinical studies on new cases of hand eczema – kalonji Seed oil application has been found more effective in reducing the severity of eczema than prescribed pharma drug. Adults can apply cold-pressed Kalonji oil without diluting it. For application on baby skin – always dilute with cold-pressed almond/jojoba oil.

10. Kalonji oil benefits in Immune disorder


Immune disorder in body can cause various diseases depending from person to person. One can find relief when kalonji oil is consumed and applied on the concern area regularly.

The study suggests that the therapeutic potential of kalonji can prevent and treat different digestive tract, liver, kidney and immune system and improve the general well-being.

There are more areas where the oil has shown beneficial results like infertility, cancer, joint pain, diabetes, low blood pressure etc. The thymoquinone in the oil is super nutrient making it super effective herb hence it is even referred as the canon of medicine.

About Kalonji seed and oil making


Kalonji seeds are known by different names in different areas. The most commonly used names are Kalonji, black cumin, black caraway, nigella sativa, kalojira, Kalojeere, roman coriander, fennel flower black cumin, barakah shooneez, habba sauda, jiraka, onion seeds, nutmeg flower etc.

It is an annual flowering plant and the flower follicles contain the black coloured seed which are called kalonji seeds. The same seeds are used to make kalonji seed oil. It is a shrub plant and is successfully cultivated in central India.

At SNAANA we make the kalonji seed oil using the ancient technique of cold pressing where seeds are pressed between the two heavy metal blocks thereby releasing the oil. A kg of kalonji seed gives us about 140 grams of cold pressed oil. The process gives nutrient rich oil with no loss of its vitals.

Purity and effectiveness

For the remedies to work the best make sure to buy seed/oil from an authentic source only. While buying oil – Always look for cold pressed oil – raw & unrefined to add to your daily food or skin care regime.

Black cumin seeds are often adulterated with grass seeds/broom bits coated with charcoal dust making them look like kalonji seeds only. So the best way to test the purity of seed is to rub teaspoon cumin on palm. If the palm becomes black or shed a residue then the cumin has been adulterated.

The kalonji seeds oil is expensive and therefore is usually adulterated with other oils like palm oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and other cheaper and low-quality seed oil. So it is better to find a reliable source for the best quality kalonji seed oil.

Kalonji seed and onion seed

Kalonji seed is also known as black onion seed and hence this creates the confusion of both kalonji and onion seed being the same. Both are different as kalonji belongs to Nigella sativa plant while an onion seed belongs to allium cepa plant.

7 things to keep in mind while buying a bottle of kalonji seed oil

  1. Cold-pressed
  2. Edible
  3. 100 % free from chemicals/synthetics and preservatives.
  4. Pure with no dilution.
  5. Zero Adulteration.
  6. Packed in a glass bottle
  7. Do not buy cosmetic grade kalonji seed oil. We should apply on our skin the same quality oil that can be eaten. Skin is a vital organ of our body.

Note: Safe for children

Kalonji oil is safe to apply on children. As a preventive and curative step – kalonji oil can be given to children in short term as a remedy to treat cold and cough, eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis. Because of peppery taste always dilute with honey to treat cold and cough to overcome the after taste tantrums of the kids.

For more information consult an ayurvedic practitioner or write in to us at support@snaana.com

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